The World Wide Predators is all about Youth development and education. We have started the Eco-Cubs initiative, where we take young students from the surrounding Greater Kruger area and get them involved in our conservation project.

We believe a strong foundation in education is important! We want to educate our Youth on all levels; the first step is through using recycled material from one of our Partners to create educational colouring books, that will teach our youth about our beloved Predators and conservation. The next level of education is getting our Youth involved with the monitoring of our precious Predators in surrounding reserves. We want to take them into the environment where they will feel they also play a part in the conservation of Predators and teach them techniques on how to effectively monitor Predators.

Another important factor for us is developing technology to further advance our monitoring of Predators. Again, we will be getting the youth involved in the development process from tracking skill, to data collection with camera trapping and using new technology to help identify the animals for better monitoring.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest


We are strong believers in getting the community involved in the next initiative; Feed a Community.

We want to teach our youth about creating sustainable vegetable gardens and give the Eco-Cubs a better understanding of capitalism, and how to effectively work with money and the importance of planning for the future. In this project, we want to ensure we use recycled products to build the gardens, and give them the opportunity to sell the products from their gardens.

The next step will be; Building a community.

We believe recycling is vital for the future of both our youth and the environment. We want to get community members involved to use recycled products to build the community at all levels. Our Partner will assist in this process by giving the community the opportunity and understanding of using recycled products to manufacture building material, furniture, arts, and crafts. This project will get the whole community involved to build a better future through cost effective buildings and poverty alleviation by the means job creation.

If you want to know more, get involved or donate to this great initiative don’t hesitate to contact us.

The road to success is through education