Your donation is helping us to increase understanding on the worlds predators and to educate the next generation. Your support is contributing to building a healthier ecosystem and protecting our wildlife.

Support our Eco-Cubs Youth
development and education project

As a nonprofit organisation, our profits are reinvested back into our project for education. Alongside this we also sponsor local school groups to visit Kruger Park Reserves, to learn about wildlife and conservation. This is because we want them to know what they can do to help, instilling a love and respect for the environment. Teaching them how they can protect the environment and the possible careers they could have within conservation. We bring the kids out for 2 nights, we have around 1500 kids we want to support.

Funds needed; R 450.00 per child. We need R 675,000.00 in total per year.

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Sponsor our
Feed a Community project

The need for youth development in creating sustainable vegetable gardens and for them to understand capitalism is extremely important to feed a community.

Sponsor a school project with building material, compost, seeds, protection against wild animals and start helping today. We have seven schools in the area we want to support.

Funds needed; R 13,850.00 per school. We need R 96,824.00 in total for all schools.

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Sponsor our Building a Community project

This is by far the most important project for the local community. Job creation and getting the community involved to build a better future is of utmost importance. We want to build a recycling plant where we can create opportunity for the lowveld community and in this create employment. The spinoff from this will create new generation of conservationist and give hope.

This dream is big and so is the funding. Every little bit helps towards this dream and a better future for the Greater Kruger Area.

Funds needed; R 60,000,000.00 to complete the recycling plant.

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Sponsor our camera traps

We need camera traps so we can monitor our carnivores. Sadly, this equipment is expensive. We’d much appreciate any donations that could help us buy another camera trap and extent our research into protecting our carnivores and the environment.

Our camera traps cost R 6,975.00 per camera and R 1,050.00 for memory cards and batteries (per camera)

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Sponsor our AI and tech development plans

We have a big dream. We want to create a worldwide database, enabling enhanced scientific research, better understanding of the worlds ecosystems and better land management. This will promote the health of our carnivores, all animals, wildlife and consequently the environment.

We would appreciate any donations, so we can work on the development of monitoring technology. We are currently working on AI that will automatically identify predators. Enabling affective and fast analysis of predators throughout the globe.

As this is the most expensive aspect of our project the funds needed is huge.

We have just over 15 families and about 293 species of the order Carnivora to code and need a cloud space to handle the amount of data processing AI to give feedback and accurate identification. This is by far the biggest project of the World Wide Predators NPC.

We are working on R 75,000,000.00 and ongoing hosting cost per year.

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All our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them

Sponsor an
Intern project

Investing in the youth is the most important part of the future. This gives the community the opportunity to sponsor an Intern hosted by WWP per year. The sponsorship will include accommodation, food, mentorship, on site traveling, small salary for month to month expenditure.

We need 1 Research Intern and 1 Technology Development Intern per year at the project to assist. So we need R 695,000.00 per intern per year.

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