We are a non-profit company, fighting to improve our world’s ecosystems by increasing our understanding of its predators. We are creating a global secure database, containing the location of every predator, from the largest Great White Shark to the smallest Black-Backed Jackal. The money we raise is reinvested into our scientific research and technology development to enhance data analysis.

Our current project is based in the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area within The Greater Kruger National Park of South Africa. Here, we are conducting research on Predators like Lion, Cheetah, Hyena, Leopard, African Wild Dog, and smaller Predators like Caracal, African Wild Cat and many more. As part of our expansion plans, we will run additional projects around the world to extend our scientific research.

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Lions have disappeared from 90% of their historic range due to habitat loss
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The Cheetah Population is estimated to decline by 53% over the next 15 years
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Leopard have lost 31% of their habitat over the past three generations
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Lion population

100 years ago: 200,000
Now: fewer than 23,000

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Cheetah Population

100 years ago: 100,000
Now: fewer than 7000

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Extinct in 67% of South Africa

How we work
To create a global database, we need to work together. Here’s how WWP works.
Data Collection

WWP Sighting Tracker

Working together and sharing knowledge globally, using our Predators Monitoring Application, to enable a secure more efficient and collaborative form of data collection.


Photography Project

Soak up the local wildlife while snapping breath-taking photos of predators and many more wild animals. Your predator photos will be used to create predator ID kits.

Data Analysis

Research Assistant Internship

Collaborate data from our projects and our WWP Community Predators Monitoring APP. Utilise the data to research the effects of biodiversity, to increase our understanding of biological diversity and health.


Technology Development and Artificial Intelligence Internship

Software development and working in platforms to design and implement predator facial recognition and monitoring software while in the field of study. Enabling fast, efficient, and accurate identification of all predators globally.

Our aim
To create an accurate global database of all predators. Collecting data through our projects, collaborating with other research organisations and the WWP Community – where we use Social Media, Monitoring Applications, and any platform to allow data exchange and collection.

This secure management tool will be used by reserve management, governmental and scientific bodies to create a deeper understanding of our ecosystems. Therefore, allowing for better management, to promote a healthy biodiversity.

Connecting the world
to save our Predators